Online Business Success System for Entrepreneurs

If you've worked this LONG and this HARD, why do you still STRUGGLE in your business? 

Maybe it's not you, maybe it's your process...


Learning is not compulsory. Neither is survival.

~ W. Edwards Deming

Do you work way too hard for way too little?

Do you feel trapped by recurring cash flow issues and people problems?

Does it make you angry that the freedom our business promised seems so unattainable?

Is the competition and downward price pressure destroying your profits?

Are you ready to give up and throw in the towel?

Let's fix this!

Robert Scott: Coachfirm Business Coach, Creator of Bizpods & Author of Small Business Pain Relief, Get Unstuck Right Now and The Small Business Success System

Our Passion is to Help You: 

  •  Clearly identify and PLAN YOUR FUTURE 
  •  Eliminate FRICTION POINTS in your business 
  •  UNDERSTAND your critical financial numbers 
  •  CREATE key performance indicators 
  •  Increase PROFITABILITY 
  •  Create and stick to a MARKETING PLAN 
  •  BUILD the right management team 
  •  MOTIVATE your employees 
  •  Set and ACHIEVE personal goals 
  •  SYSTEMATIZE your business 
  •  Solve MONEY stress 
  •  DRIVE SALES by plan 
  •  Stop being a nice guy, be A GREAT LEADER 
  •  MANAGE your projects more effectively 
  •  SOLVE employee issues once and for all 

Introducing The Bizpods Coaching Program

Per the US Bureau of Statistics, about 50% of new businesses will fail before their fifth year and barely one-third survive to year ten. Unfortunately, most will always struggle to give the owner the freedom and financial success they dreamed of when they started. 

It is our mission to change that. The Bizpods Coaching Program is a do-it-yourself coaching program that gives Business Owners, new and established, the continuing education, ideas and resources they need to build a successful company. 


Build solid business skills Bizpods Coaching Program featuring coaching videos, written material and worksheets with audio introductions. A new module is delivered every 5 days, giving you time to complete the work and implement key concepts into your company. Grow your business, change your life!


When faced with the day-to-day challenges, trying to stay upbeat and on track is challenging. Find the motivation you need in our private, members only Facebook group which is moderated by Creator Bob Scott and senior Team Leaders. You don't have to face the frustrations of Business Ownership on our own. 


Upgrade your Bizpods Coaching Program to our one-to-one intensive business coaching platform. Our intensive program includes two monthly meetings (via Zoom) with Author Bob Scott or an independent Team Leader that has completed our Bizpods Team Leader training program. 

The Bizpods Coaching Program was created to be an affordable solution for Small Business Owners that aren't in a position to hire a full-time Business Coach. You get the core stategies used by Bizpods Creator Bob Scott in his Coachfirm coaching practice, with a new module delivered every four days. Each Bizpods building on the previous concepts. Every Bizpod consists of 7 parts:

  • Coaching Video
  • Concept
  • Rapid Lesson
  • Key Points
  • Roadblocks
  • Action Plan
  • Worksheets with Audio Introduction

Similar to working with a Business Coach, your learning is spaced out in order to give you sufficient time to absorb the ideas and to do the neccessary work. The goal is to "scratch your record" enough to bring on real, lasting change - for you and your business. These principles have helped improve the lives of countless business owners spanning a coaching career of 15 years. 

Gain Access to a Coaching Program Designed to Help You Succeed in Business!




  • Client Profile
  • About Your Vision
  • The Snowman Effect
  • Friction Points
  • Your Critical Numbers
  • Finding Balance: The S.O.M.E. Method
  • Leadership
  • Timed Results, Not Time Management
  • Marketing Basics
  • Defining Management
  • Understanding Employee Motivation
  • Nice Guy Syndrome
  • Pricing
  • Surviving Change
  • Designing A Life
  • Raising The Flad
  • Focused Marketing
  • Cost Control
  • Managing Goals & Projects
  • Attracting Quality Employees
  • Building The Organizational Chart
  • System Building & System Sabotage
  • Avoiding Financial Traps
  • The Company Manual
  • Position Agreements
  • Marketing vs Selling
  • The Accountants View
  • The Hybrid Strategy
  • The Experience Driven Customer
  • The Mat Moments
  • How to Scale Your Business
  • The Lifetime Value of a Customer
  • Accountability Partners
  • Personal Health & Balance
  • The Power of Foresight
  • Emotional Commitment
  • Experience Mapping
  • Planning for Growth & Change
  • Lean Principles & Management
  • The Wisdom of Machiavelli
  • Who Should be President?
  • Building Your Cow
  • Business Valuation
  • Leaving a Legacy

Finally Have the Successful Business You Dream About!

The Bizpods Coaching Program This affordable, effective, do-it-yourself coaching program will reconnect you with your entrepreneurial spirit, help you build a systemic business and finally give you the life you deserve.

45 Modules $197


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